WCC Change is Possible through counselling, training, outreach and advocating for victims' rights Let's campaign to stop violence against women and children! Teaching children and boys against sexual violence prevention Training nurses to better handle domestic violence victims Creating awareness with community to stop violence in society

Women's Centre for Change, Penang

In conjunction with International Women's Day, over 2,000 participants took part in a fun "Run With Shades" in support of domestic violence survivors. The event was successfully carried out by WCC and MBPP on 11 March 2018 at the Penang Municipal Park.

    She was just a child

    Aini, a 4 year old was the youngest client referred to me under the child sexual abuse cases…The accused is her biological father…Click here to read more.

    He treated me like a prostitute

    Being married to their childhood sweetheart is every girl’s dream and I was living it. Married life was bliss, for a while. After we had our first child, this perfect dream began to crack…Click here to read more.

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