Artists, guests and staff of WCC participating at the <i>My Story, My Strength: Doodle for Change</i> Project Exhibition WCC 30th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner 25 July 2015 WCC provides shelter and counselling to women and children Celebrating International Women's Day 2015 at Occupy Beach Street, Penang Child Sexual Abuse prevention program 'Bijak Itu Selamat'

Women's Centre for Change, Penang

    Prevent future Huckles

    RECENTLY convicted British serial paedophile Richard Huckle’s depravity in his sexual abuse of toddlers and children in Malaysia has shocked and outraged all of us. Click here to read program consultant Prema Devaraja’s letter.

    When I dared to refuse sex, he would batter me…

    I got married at sixteen, doe-eyed with dreams of happily ever after. I never imagined that the words that I would now describe my ten-year marriage would be: Sex slave. Prisoner. Battering. Click here to read.

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