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WCC’s Victim Support in The Star

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Standing Up to Violence, Seeking Redress -by S. Indramalar
With strong support, women can leave abusive relationships and even seek redress in court. A Protection order couldn’t keep Anna* safe. Her ex-husband continued to stalk her; humiliating and attacking her at work and in public. She had left him by then, but there was just no stopping him from continuing to abuse her. (Click here to read more)
Another news writeup featuring WCC, about speaking up on abuse:
Abuse: Say Something, Tell Someone
The first step to ending violence is to break the silence.Support and protection are crucial for victims of domestic violence. Global studies indicate that the greatest proportion of unsuccessful outcomes in domestic violence cases (such as victims retracting their police statements, witness intimidation, non-attendance at court) are due to the lack of support as well as safety concerns. (Click here to read more.)