JAG: Selangor Mufti Must Be Held Accountable

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Selangor Mufti must be held accountable for statement condoning domestic violence. Read the full press statement here.

Influences of K-pop on Malaysian Girls

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Since 2002 when Winter Sonata was aired on TV3, the Korean Wave started flooding into Malaysia and started the craze…(Read More)

Vacancies in WCC Penang

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The Women’s Centre for Change, Penang has several vacancies and is looking for dedicated persons who have the skills and dedication to help abused women and children. Each candidate must have multi tasking skills, ability to work independently and a team player. WCC’s mission is working towards ending violence against women and children, empowering them and promoting gender equality and social justice (www.wccpenang.org).

  1. 1.    Service Coordinator
  • Coordinates WCC’s Service in providing crisis counselling for domestic violence and sexual  abuse clients
  • Oversees the development of the Service Team on handling crisis intervention for clients
  • Work with the team to advocate towards ending violence against women and children


  • Degree in social work, counselling or psychology with at least 4 years of work experience
  • Good command of written and spoken Bahasa Malaysia and English language
  • Driving Licence is essential
  1. 2.    Social Workers
  • Provide counselling (face-to-face, telephone hotline and email) for domestic violence and sexual abuse clients
  • Liaise with the hospital, welfare department and police to improve  services for these abused clients
  • Organise workshops and talks for different communities to raise awareness on violence against women and children


  • Degree in social work, counselling and related field and/or experience.
  • Good command of written and spoken Bahasa Malaysia/English and a vernacular language.
  • Driving licence is essential

For each of the position above, please write one paragraph on: Why do you think you are suitable for the job?

  1. 3.    Finance-cum-Adminstrative Officer
  • In charge of payments and receipts.
  • Analyse  monthly accounts and prepare funders’ reports.
  • Liaise with book-keeper, auditors, bankers, government & other agencies pertaining to accounts, tax and admin matters.
  • Administer general office matters.


  • Possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance/Accountancy
  • Minimum 3 years working experience in related field
  • Possess pleasant personality with high level of integrity and responsibility
  • Strong analytical and good interpersonal skills
  • Able to handle work pressure and ability to meet deadlines.

Deadline for Application: 23 February 2015. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed. Please state current salary and expected salary.

Interested candidates should email your application to: info@wccpenang.org or post/fax to: Executive Director, Women’s Centre for Change, 241, Jalan Burmah, 10350 Penang; Fax: 04-228 5784.

Engaging Boys for Gender Equality

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Through the year WCC has piloted the Boys Program three times…(Read more)

Women’s reproductive health at stake, says JAG.

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A 24-year-old Nepali migrant worker was…(Read More)

Press Statement on ‘Child Privacy and The Media’

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WCC welcomes the recent decision by the Attorney General Chambers to prosecute a news producer…(Read more)

WCC’s Victim Support in The Star

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Standing Up to Violence, Seeking Redress -by S. Indramalar
With strong support, women can leave abusive relationships and even seek redress in court. A Protection order couldn’t keep Anna* safe. Her ex-husband continued to stalk her; humiliating and attacking her at work and in public. She had left him by then, but there was just no stopping him from continuing to abuse her. (Click here to read more)
Another news writeup featuring WCC, about speaking up on abuse:
Abuse: Say Something, Tell Someone
The first step to ending violence is to break the silence.Support and protection are crucial for victims of domestic violence. Global studies indicate that the greatest proportion of unsuccessful outcomes in domestic violence cases (such as victims retracting their police statements, witness intimidation, non-attendance at court) are due to the lack of support as well as safety concerns. (Click here to read more.)