Community Outreach

commWCC’s community outreach is another important area of WCC work. These outreach programmes are aimed at a diverse group of people. We target the public through our community talks and public exhibitions. Every year, we are invited by associations, NGOs and government departments to conduct workshops and talks. Beside that, our target audiences are also primary and secondary school students, and youth from colleges and universities. Every year, we successfully reached thousands of students through our personal safety and youth programmes. WCC interactive programmes aimed to prevent sexual violence against children and youth while educating them about their rights.

Community Awareness

Reaching out to the local communities is essential to achieve our vision of a society free from gender violence and discrimination, and where women can actualise their full potential. WCC is often invited by community groups, corporations, NGOs and government departments to conduct workshops on topics such as Domestic Violence, Gender Sensitisation, Child Sexual Abuse,Women’s Empowerment and Sexual Harassment. Every year, WCC conducts some 10 to 20 awareness talks and workshop for different communities. Through these talks, the audience will have a better awareness of issues relating to violence against women, gender equality and spread the information to their community.