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Interested in a career that is rewarding, challenging and meaningful? Click here to join us.

Artists Capture Feelings of Survivors On Canvas

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WCC’s exhibition, “Doodle for Change: My Story, My Strength”, depicts stories from survivors of violence. Click here to read coverage in The Star Metro.

JAG Supports Bersih 4

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JAG calls for government to sit up and take notice of Bersih 4′s demands. Click here to read the full stament that appeared in Malaysiakini.

WCC’s Annual Review 2014 Is Out!

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Click here to read all about our initiatives and achievements in 2014

Creative Arts Therapy Workshop for Women

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Come join a creative art therapy workshop by Christine Teoh, an experienced arts therapist who has assisted in many of our clients’ healing. More info here.

Nur Fitri – Focus On Rehabilitation, Not Extradition

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WCC’s Advocacy Officer, Joshua Teh’s, responds to Mara’s plans to swiftly extradite Nur Fitri. Click here to read his letter, published in Malaysiakini

‘Digital rape’ Acquittal A Mind-boggling Decision

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WCC Program Consulant, Prema Devaraj reponds to a decision by the Court of Appeal to acquit a 60-year old man of charges of raping a 14-year-old girl. Click here to read more.

Vacancies in WCC

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We’re looking for passionate and dedicated persons who are interested in the work of ending violence against women and children. Read more here.

Enough Sexism! AiyohWatLah Awards 2015

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The Malaysian Public Makes it Known that They Have Had Enough of Sexism, Misogyny, Homophobia and Transphobia at The AiyohWatLah! Awards 2015.

Marriage Is No Excuse To Rape

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WCC’s Advocacy Officer, Joshua Teh addresses the issue of marital rape. Click here to read his letter that was published in Malaysiakini.