Children (10 to 12yrs )

Bijak Itu Selamat Programme

WCC’s Bijak Itu Selamat (BIS- Be Smart Be Safe) is a child sexual abuse programme developed for children of ages 10 to 12 years old. The aim is to teach children to say no and get away from an uncomfortable and potentially risky situations, and to tell an adult they trust. Our BIS programmes have been conducted for primary schools (national and vernacular), school for the hearing-impaired, children’s homes and daycare centres. Every year, several thousands of standard five and six students benefit from WCC BIS programme.

Typically, each BIS session  conducted lasts about an hour. We show a video (below) that reinforces the idea that when children feel confident and comfortable, it is good touch. When they feel uncomfortable or uneasy, then it’s bad touch. Children are encouraged to trust their inner voice in such situations, whether it’s with someone they know or a stranger. The presenter in the video reminds children that adults do not have the right to touch them inappropriately nor ask them to touch the adult’s private part.

There are also dramatised scenarios showing a child at risk in each one of them. These scenarios are filmed with actors. The facilitator uses these scenarios to discuss steps that the child in the drama can take to get themselves out of their uncomfortable and unwanted situations.  We conclude by reminding the children that they should get away from situations they are uncomfortable with and they should tell an adult they trust until they get help.

Under 10 years old

For children in this age group, the key message also focuses on personal safety, using animated scenarios in the video. We may also read “Nina and her Secret” with the children to empower them to move away from any situation that makes them uncomfortable, then tell an adult they children on floor at WCC talk

The most effective way for young children to learn are a few short sessions, where one idea is introduced for each session, then reinforcing the following session a few days later.  The learning objective is for children to understand that their bodies are special, help them to articulate their feelings, understand the difference between good touch and bad touch, what is personal safety and how to tell an adult they trust whenever they feel sad, afraid or if they have a problem.

We finish each session by giving each child reminders to take home, which are Roda Tindakan , posters, pamphlets. We also hand out posters to put up in schools or places where the children live.

Training Teachers

WCC conduct training for teachers who are interested to run the BIS programme to prevent sexual abuse in children. With the support of the state Education Department, WCC has conducted training for teachers in five states in Malaysia. The one-day training workshop uses the WCC BIS package. The WCC educational package, is available in English or Bahasa Malaysia for RM40 (inclusive of postage). This package consists of the following materials:

a) Teacher’s Manual entitled Teaching Children to Be Safe.
b) Video Ok Tak Ok (20 mins)

This video is user friendly and takes a teacher through the whole process of how to teach children to be safe from sexual abuse. It presents different case scenarios as well as real cases for the teachers to discuss with their students.

c) Cartoon Booklet: Nina and her Secret.
d) Pamphlets and brochures on teaching children to be safe from sexual abuse.

WCC has trained many educators to run Bijak Itu Selamat (Be Smart Be Safe). The more people who are trained to run these programmes, the more children and youth who are reached and taught about personal safety. If you’d like to learn how to conduct our programme, please contact us.

Primary school teachers being trained to run Bijak Itu Selamat