Engaging Boys for Gender Equality

boys2Facilitators Training for Boys Program (28 – 29 November)

Through the year WCC has piloted the Boys Program three times, twice in a boy’s school and once with a church group.  Following that, WCC held a facilitators training for the boys program in order to launch the program proper in 2015. A total of 7 potential facilitators joined Dr. Prema, Kathik, and Mangles for a 2 day facilitators training.

The training covered the introduction to the program, and discussions on issues such as masculinity, male identity, the ideal man, attitudes towards sex and some behaviors eg. watching pornography and distribution of intimate pictures. The facilitators were also informed about the different responses given by the boys who had participated in the pilot program, and had the opportunity to discuss different responses to possible questions or issues raised by the boys.IMG_3546

While the potential facilitators found some of the responses and issues amusing, they were all aware of the importance of the boys program.

Lessons of male superiority and privilege begin early in life. These when deeply entrenched make gender equality an impossible notion. It is therefore important to equip young men with tools to dismantle ideas which block their access to gender equality.

With this program WCC is poised to tackle these issues moving forward into 2015.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved with this program.