Frequently Asked Questions (Rape)

What is the difference between rape and sex?
Rape is a violent act where the rapist forces his victim to have sexual intercourse with him. It is an act of aggression to humiliate and control her. Rape is not sex. Sex involves the mutual consent of both partners.

What is statutory rape?
Sexual intercourse with a girl under 16 years of age with or without her consent is considered statutory rape.

Why do men rape?
The common misconception is that men are unable to control their lust. However, the reality is that rape is not about sexual attraction or lust – it is about power and control over the victim and use her as a sex object.

How is rape different from other sexual crimes?
The law defines rape as the penetration of a man’s penis into the vagina of a woman without her consent. Women and men can be sexually assaulted in other ways, such as forced oral sex, anal sex, and other unwanted sexual touch. For these crimes, the offender can be charged under other     sections of the law, such as molestation, sodomy, outrage of modesty, or attempted rape. If you are a victim of these other sexual crimes, you can make a police report.

Can you get pregnant or an STD from rape?
There is a risk of both getting pregnant and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) if a condom was not used during the rape. You should get tested in a government hospital at the Emergency & Trauma Department where you can also make a police report on the rape.

Can a woman get married after she has been raped?
Yes, a woman who has been raped can still get married and share a life with someone she loves.

Does a woman have to marry her rapist?
Sometimes there may be pressure on a woman to marry the rapist, especially if she is pregnant by him. No one should be forced to marry her rapist. If a woman does marry her rapist, he is likely to continue to abuse her after their marriage.