Our People

The strength of WCC lies in our people who are made up of volunteers and staff. We are a registered society led by the General Committee who is elected by members at the annual general meeting. The General Committee is responsible for strategic decision-making and guidance of WCC’s mission and the work that we do.

General Committee 2015/2016



Lalitha Menon

Vice President

Mariam Lim

Vice President

Hajar Abdul Rahim

Hon Secretary

Lim Kah Cheng

Asst. Secretary

Yeoh Siew Eng


Sally Eu

Committee Members

Susan Siew

Cindy Ruble

Ivy Ho

Chin Kuan Sui


There are also various standing committees for Human Resources and Finance, plus Working Groups for Service & Shelter, Outreach, Advocacy and PPW, who meet as need arises. These groups are made up of staff and key volunteers who work in those areas.Each member of the General Committee brings unique abilities and perspectives and take an active interest in the organisation. The General Committee meets every 2 months or so to review our past work,  discuss planned work and opportunities to ensure that WCC is working to our maximum potential.

There are 16 full time staff in the WCC and PPW office combined. Staff consist of social workers, outreach officers, and advocacy officers.