Story of the Week: Lila

LilaLila* is a 32-year-old* Clinic Assistant with a five-year-daughter. During her four-year marriage, her husband depended on her financially. He could not keep a job and had a serious gambling addiction. He borrowed money from ah longs (unlicensed money lenders) and took money from Lila. Whenever she refused or talked to him about getting a job, he threatened to hurt her and their daughter and called her names. He made her feel worthless.

Lila gave her husband many chances to change but to no avail, and she eventually lost the support of her own family as a result. When Lila sought help from WCC, initially through email and then face-to-face counselling, she and her daughter had been living separately from her husband for several months. She was struggling to find a way forward and to deal with the pain her husband had caused her.

The WCC social worker explained that she was a survivor of financial and emotional abuse, and explained the negative impact of domestic violence on children. She helped Lila re-build her self-esteem, explaining how strong Lila had been to seek support, reinforcing her role as a mother, and helping Lila take further positive steps towards a better life.

In the end, Lila decided to file for divorce and was guided through the steps to take. Lila now has hope for the future and is working on re-building a happy life with her daughter.