Frequently Asked Questions (Domestic Violence)

Will my spouse go to jail if I lodge police report?
Under the Domestic Violence Act, domestic violence is now a crime. The purpose of your police report is to file an official complaint about your spouse’s violence and not to immediately put him in jail.

When you lodge a police report, the police Investigation Officer will call your spouse for an investigation. Upon completing the investigation, the Deputy Public Prosecutor will decide whether to charge your spouse based on his violence and the evidence collected. Only if your spouse is found guilty by the court will he be imprisoned.

What if the police refused to take my report?
No police officer can refuse any person from making a report at any police station. If it happens to you, you can complain to the Head of the police station (Ketua Balai Polis) in the police station itself.

Can I call the police if I am confined by my spouse?
Yes, you can. You can call 999 and they will direct your call to the nearest police station. You have to tell the police your home address and they will send the police officer to your house immediately. If your spouse is there when the police arrives, do have the courage to tell the police that you need help. Then, follow the police officer to the police station and you may wish to formally lodge a police report against your spouse for locking you inside your house.

If I leave my house, do I have the right to take my children away?
Both the father and mother have equal guardianship and custody of the children. You do have the right to take them along with you when you leave your home. This is important if you fear that your spouse might abuse your children or they are still young and your spouse might not be able to take care of them.

How do I get my belongings back after I leave the violent home?
After you have lodged a police report, you can tell your police Investigation Officer that you need to collect your belongings. They will assign a police officer to accompany you to your house to collect your belongings. You can also approach a welfare officer as well.

What if my spouse hurts or threatens me after I have obtained an Interim Protection Order?
You have to lodge a police report and contact your police Investigation Officer immediately. If your Interim Protection Order (IPO) is attached with the power of arrest, the Investigation Officer can take immediate action by arresting him. In the process of applying for an IPO, it is advisable to ask the magistrate for the power of arrest to be attached to the IPO. You can enquire with your welfare officer about this.

As a Muslim wife, if I was beaten up by my husband, how do I leave my house without being accused nusyuz?
You can go to the Pejabat Agama to lodge the complaint about the abuse. You have to tell the Uztad that you have already left home to seek a safer place. It is better if you have a police report about your abuse incident.

Can I lodge a police report against my spouse and inform the police not to take any action?
Yes, you can. The report can be made for safety and also kept as a record of his abuses against you.

Where can I go if violence happens at night and I have nobody to turn to?
You can go to the nearest government hospital at the Emergency & Trauma. Tell the staff nurse in charge about your emergency situation and that you need a safe place to stay overnight. The nurse will arrange a room for you. You can call the WCC or any other NGO for help the next morning.

If my boyfriend hits me, can I lodge a police report?
Yes, you can lodge police report for assault. However, the Domestic Violence Act does not cover this relationship.