Sexual Harassment

Gangguan Seksual (Bahagian I, Bahagian II


As defined by the Code of Practice, sexual harassment is any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature having the effect of verbal, non-verbal visual, psychological or physical harassment. Women are sexually harassed in the streets, in public transport, and, very often, at the workplace. Hence, a lot of the information on this website is geared towards addressing sexual harassment at the workplace.

Sexual harassment creates an offensive, intimidating or hostile learning, working or living environment. Both men and women are victims and perpetrators. Sexual harassment can occur between members of the opposite gender or the same gender. It can occur between people of different status or people of the same status.

The Basic Rule is: It is probably sexual harassment if the person feels uncomfortable or threatened.  It does not matter what the harasser intended!

Types of Sexual Harassment


Effects of Sexual Harassment on the Victim










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