Gender Equality

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Adobe PDF logoNGO Shadow Report Group’s Memorandum on the CEDAW Committee’s Concluding Comments
(March 2007)

Adobe PDF logoCEDAW Committee’s Concluding Comments on the Malaysian Government’s CEDAW Report
(May 2006)

Adobe PDF logoMalaysian NGO Shadow Report 2005 to the CEDAW Committee

Adobe PDF logo

Measuring up to CEDAW, presented at a SUHAKAM Roundtable(March 2003)


Gender Equality Legislation

Adobe PDF logoThe Hong Kong Position on Gender Equality by Anna Wu

Adobe PDF logoImplementation of Gender Equality Standards in Central and Eastern Europe – Mission (Im)possible by Anna Wilkowska

Adobe PDF logoThe Need for Malaysian Gender Equality Legislation by Zarizana Abdul Aziz

Adobe PDF logoGender Equality in Australia by Sara Charlesworth

Adobe PDF logoStructures and Mechanisms for the Attainment of Gender Equality – The African Experience by Pethu Serote

Adobe PDF logo

Legal Mechanisms towards Gender Equality in Germany and the European Union by Dagmar Oberlies

Adobe PDF logo

The National Machinery for the Protection and Promotion of Women’s Rights in Sri Lanka by Chulani Kodikara

Adobe PDF logoDomestic Application of CEDAW – Potential and Actuality by Anuradha Rao

Adobe PDF logo Brief Report on WCC & WLUML’s International Conference on “Mechanisms and Legislation to Promote and   Protect Gender Equality”, 28 – 30 August 2006

 Gender Discrimination

Adobe PDF logoGender Discriminatory Laws in Malaysia, November 2008

Adobe PDF logoJAG leaflets on sexist MPs (English & Malay) for General Elections dated February / March 2008

Adobe PDF logoJAG Memorandum on “Gender Equality for MAS Female Flight Stewardesses” dated 10 June 2005