Training for Service Providers

jkkkWCC sees that improving social services for women and children involves working together with other government agencies such as police, hospitals, welfare, etc. We recognises the need to sensitise these different service providers to enable them to dispel various misconceptions, which affect their responses to abused women. To complement their crisis intervention work, WCC conducts training for both government agencies and non-government organisations in Malaysia focusing on developing a gender-sensitive approach to victim of violence. WCC also develops manuals and handbooks for the service providers. The training topics cover issues like violence against women, domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, etc.

WCC also provides in-house training on basic counselling for WCC volunteers. It includes an overview of violence against women issues, basic knowledge and skills in counselling, and procedures for handling abused women. Among the methodology used is role-play and case studies. In addition, the service team also conducts talks on WCC services to communities, hospitals, and other social agencies.