Women’s Empowerment


As part of its holistic approach to helping women in crises, Women’s Centre for Change (WCC) not only offers support and assistance during a crisis but continues to build victims up so that they can lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. An empowered woman coming out of a crisis is then able to break free from her past and take ownership of her future.

Support Group

In 2009, an initiative was started by way of support groups for single mothers, many of whom were ex-clients who received counselling from WCC/PPW for domestic violence and marital issues. The support group allows the women to share their experiences and to take comfort in the knowledge that they are not going through the journey alone. In 2012 a joint effort of WCC and PPW saw the development of the “Women’s Stories Project” which is a one-year project which saw 13 women go through a series of workshops which helped them heal and express their feelings in creative ways. The project ended with these women being self confidence and empowered.



Rebuilding a life after crisis is not an easy task and WCC steps in by organising a variety of workshops to offer practical help to single mothers as well as low income group women, many of whom are WCC and PPW’s ex-clients. The workshops range from self-development, financial management, dealing with conflict within a family, parenting skills all the way to skills building. Outings are also organised to promote relaxation and family bonding.