Cyber Safety

wccSticksFinal0001Online friends

The internet is such a cool place to hang out. It’s educational, informative, fun and exciting. You can connect with your friends and make new friends very quickly, through FB, MSN or a chat site. LOL!! (smiley face)

But sometimes the friends you meet on line may not really be friends. You need to know that you can’t trust people you have not met or spend time with. What is said online may not be true and you just might be tricked into revealing personal information about yourself to someone who could take advantage of you or the information you have shared.


  •  If you don’t know the person dont give out personal information about yourself (eg., your real name, sex, age, address, hp number, school etc)
  •  If using the social network (facebook, twitter, friendster) use the privacy settings so that you are in control of who views your postings.
  •  Don’t post or send inappropriate pictures of yourself to anyone
  •  If your online friend makes inappropriate sexual comments, tell him to stop. If not, report abuse and then log out.
  •  If you choose to meet up with your online friend who you have never met before, take the necessary precautions i.e., don’t go alone, meet in a well lit public place and tell someone where you are going.


Wow! Actually seeing the person you are talking to? XD!

But do you know that your conversations and behavior can also be seen by others in the room. It can also be recorded without you knowing and posted on line by webcam hackers.

 Remember :

  • nothing is truly private – so don’t show anything, do anything or say anything in front of your webcam that you don’t want others to see or hear.
  • don’t locate the webcam anywhere where details of your location or information about yourself can be identified and misused.

Cyber Bullying


Sometimes, people send or post nasty messages about someone through the internet or mobile phones. They may think it’s a joke or that it’s funny. It isn’t. It is a form of bullying. Other forms of cyber bullying include stealing passwords, writing negatively about a person in a blog, creating websites insulting a person, circulating degrading photos of the victim, sending computer viruses, porn material or junk mail to the victim.

Victims of cyberbullying suffer from anxiety, depression, and severe stress. Cyber bullying is unacceptable. Don’t be a part of it.If you are a victim of cyberbullying tell a trusted adult to help you get it to stop.

HP friends

Someone you don’t know calls you up. He wants to get to know you. How nice is that? So what’s the harm? It’s just a chat. Think again.

How do you know he can be trusted? He might trick you into giving personal information which may place you in danger. Be a smart phone user.

  • Do not trust an unknown caller. What he says or texts over the phone may not be true.
  • Do not give out personal details of yourself.This might be used against you or used to stalk you.
  • Do not give your handphone number to strangers. A handphone is personal to you. You have a right to your privacy.
  • Do not give your friends handphone number to others without permission.
  • Take precautions if meeting someone you have gotten to know via the handphone. Do not meet the person on your own, tell people where you are going, meet in a public well lit place.


When people take and send sexually revealing picture of themselves or send sexually explicit messages via text message, it’s called “sexting”. Harmless fun? A private activity? Think again. Sexting has consequences.

When images or messages meant for private viewing are passed on to many others, the person involved is left feeling embarrassed and severely humiliated. Their self esteem and reputation can be damaged. People can also end up as victims of bullying or harassment when their pictures go online.

  • What you send can always be viewed by more than one person. It can be posted online.
  • Don’t forward inappropriate text messages/videos/photos of others. You should not violate their privacy.
  • Circulating sexually explicit images is illegal.

Ways you can help yourself

 If you are harassed via the hand phone…
  • Keep the sms as proof
  • Inform service provider
  • Change handphone number/block the call
  • Lodge a police report

If you are harassed online…

  • Click on the report abuse button & inform the moderator
  • Log out
  • Keep all the sexually explicit messages/photos as proof
  • Lodge a police report
 It is important that you:

☺ Tell your parents / an adult you trust

☺ E-mail Malaysia Communication & Multimedia Commission  (attach police report)

☺ E-mail Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (attach police report) / or call 1-300-88-2999 (office hours)

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