The Online Friend Who Wasn’t

In 2017, I befriended a man through WeChat. I was studying and living in a rented room away from my parents who lived in another town. He started off easygoing and humble but after a few months, his real colours showed. He began to use vulgar words and acting strangely. … Read more

The Man And The Monster

“When my neighbours see me in the morning, they know what happened to me again the night before,” Patty told our WCC Seberang Perai social worker. She was introduced to Tom who owned an electronics repair shop and she thought this was going to be the end of her difficult … Read more

Molested By Her Lawyer

I met Mr Z  when he agreed to take on my case. He said we could meet at his lawyer’s firm during lunch hour to discuss my case. His office was empty as his staff had all left for lunch. As I sat down in his office, he came from … Read more

Raped By Her Own Father

The rape came to light in December 2017. Sally was 14 years old then. Her mother, a factory operator on shift work, returned from work one morning and felt uneasy. Feeling suspicious, she decided to screen through her husband’s mobile phone. She was shocked when she saw Sally’s picture – … Read more