Coping Together as a Family

Mina and Johan were leading a happy life together with their 8-year old son. Suddenly, out of the blue, Johan started to behave differently. He would go to bed late at night and play computer games immediately after returning home from work. He would also inexplicably lash out at his … Read more

Feeling Safe at Home Again

Saras was a widowed mother of three adult sons. She was living alone until her middle son, Raj, moved back home with his girlfriend. From the moment Raj moved in, he and his girlfriend harassed and emotionally threatened his mother. They would say hurtful things like “why isn’t this old … Read more

Betraying A Child’s Trust

Kim is 8 years old and like many other children her age, she is a lively and cheerful girl. One day, when her mother returned home from a short trip, Kim disclosed the ordeal she had been facing for nearly three years during her private art lessons. Kim had been … Read more

Drug-fuelled violence in the home

Nurul was a mother of 4 children who enjoyed the first 10 years of her marriage. She had a responsible husband who was a loving father to their children. In their 11th year of marriage, everything changed. Her husband started behaving strangely and became violent. She didn’t understand what was … Read more

Leaving Fear Behind

Laila and her husband Ken were expecting their second child when they opened their house up to Eddie, Ken’s work colleague. Laila and Ken did not have to think twice about welcoming him to their home as they regarded him as their own brother. On the surface, Eddie was the … Read more

The Online Friend Who Wasn’t

In 2017, I befriended a man through WeChat. I was studying and living in a rented room away from my parents who lived in another town. He started off easygoing and humble but after a few months, his real colours showed. He began to use vulgar words and acting strangely. … Read more

The Man And The Monster

“When my neighbours see me in the morning, they know what happened to me again the night before,” Patty told our WCC Seberang Perai social worker. She was introduced to Tom who owned an electronics repair shop and she thought this was going to be the end of her difficult … Read more